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How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits? For a long time, we have always seen that distracted driving can lead to fatal accidents. You might not even know that some of the things you do can lead to distracted driving. Well, that is what we want to look at today. Hopefully, at… Read More »

Is car insurance more expensive for Uber drivers?

Uber Drivers and Car Insurance Detailed Explanation Before you can start using your car for ridesharing platforms such as Uber, you have to understand how their insurance works first. Remember that when using Uber, your personal insurance cover does not apply, as you are now using the car for commercial activities. The insurance will only… Read More »

How common is it to die in a car accident?

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released a report showing that car accident fatalities have decreased over the years by more than a third. This is because of the ever-improving structures set up by the relevant authorities in the transport sector. We cannot forget about the new safety features that automakers have now implemented… Read More »

Can Uber or Lyft drivers be sued for accidents?

In the busy streets in the United States, there is a chance that you’ll encounter an accident as a driver or a passenger. If you use ride sharing apps, you might get into an accident. In case this happens, you should know what to do. You should know your rights, or you might miss out… Read More »

Do most car accidents result in serious injuries and deaths?

Injury and Death Statistics for Most Car Accidents in the U.S. In the U.S., car accidents are some of the leading causes of injuries. Tens of thousands of drivers get into accidents each year. It seems like this number is not going to slow down, considering over 2.5 million people get hurt in car crashes… Read More »

What happens if an Uber driver has an accident?

Accidents happen at the most unexpected times. When you book an Uber, the last thing you’re thinking about is the possibility of getting into an accident. There are times that the Uber driver is at fault. Other times, the other driver is at fault. If you are a passenger and you get seriously injured because… Read More »

What happens to me as an Uber passenger if an accident occurs?

If you are a passenger in an accident involving an Uber car, you must call 911 as soon as possible and seek medical attention even when you think that your injuries are not severe. It is best to get a medical evaluation so the doctor can rule out any internal injuries. A medical evaluation can… Read More »

What is it like to be in a car crash?

What to Expect When You Get in a Car Accident Generally, car accidents are horrifying to many people. Some can leave you with minor injuries, while others might leave you with fatal injuries. In a bad crash, some people end up dead. Millions die from car accidents each year around the world. As much as… Read More »

What are the odds of surviving a car crash?

Are the Odds Ever in Your Favor? Car Crashes Versus Other Fatalities The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, states that car-accident fatalities have declined by more than a third in just the past three years. until a long period of decline since 1985 amid motor vehicles’ ever-improving structural designs and the addition of advanced safety… Read More »

Where do most car accidents occur?

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most Frequently and Why? We cannot determine which time or day an accident can happen, but there are places where it most happen so we can be prepared and be cautious at all times. There are many factors to consider that play into dangerous driving conditions and when you are… Read More »

Which car is safer in the road? Bigger or Smaller in size?

Are Bigger Cars Safer in Crashes than Smaller Cars? No one loves to end up in an accident. Crashes can be tough on the victim by either injuries or emotional damage. The worst is when you have to spend more time in the hospital because of the fatal injuries. Remember that you also have to… Read More »

Where most bicycle accidents happen?

Urban Areas Biking in a big, busy city can be exciting and scary at the same time. There are more traffic, road intersections, parked cars, and roadways in the big cities. These conditions contributed to a high percentage of bicyclist deaths in urban areas. There is a 71 percent fatality in bicycle accidents in the… Read More »

Are self-driving cars as safe as human drivers for pedestrians?

Government laws on traffic regulations are adapting to the new technological developments. The government was prepared to put safety requirements on cars and planes. Some still thinks that communications technology still needs to be improved to a safe degree. When self-driving cars went out in the market, some pedestrian advocates are not happy with having… Read More »

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